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Surrogacy Miracles & Consulting in Atlanta, Georgia helps change people’s lives by making their baby dreams come true. We assist women and same-sex couples dealing with infertility or medical difficulties conceiving by offering surrogacy services. For more information, talk to us today.

Our Mission Statement

The goal of Surrogacy Miracles & Consulting is to assist Intended Parents and Surrogates in navigating the overwhelming complexities of the family building process. SMC provides guidance throughout the surrogacy journey including the medical, legal and emotional support needed to reach each dream of completing a family! 

– Shadina Blunt, Founder and Owner

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We have first hand experience in surrogacy, having gone through the process ourselves. Take the opportunity to learn how you could help families as well.

  • Age between 21- 40 years old
  • Body Mass Index(BMI) < 34
  • Pass Mental Health Evaluation
  • Pass Drug Screen
  • Pass Medical Clearance & Screenings
  • Clear Background Check
  • Live in Surrogacy friendly state
  • Provide Medical Documentation of Medical History and Past Pregnancies
  • Go Through Home Visits
  • Overall Good Health

Interested In Becoming A Parent?

We reduce the complexity of the surrogacy journey by completing the steps of finding a qualified surrogate.  You can trust in our high quality team to deliver the best results! 

We created Surrogacy Miracles Family Foundation to help intended parents pay for their surrogacy journey.

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Our Team

Shadina Blunt


Shadina Blunt brings over 14 years of experience in OB GYN, reproductive medicine, and gestational surrogacy care to the Surrogacy Miracles & Consulting team. Shadina has first-hand personal experience with gestational carriers as a two-time gestational carrier  herself.  As the Director of  SMC since October of 2019, Shadina provides daily operations of SMC, and connects with all Intended parents and surrogates in the program.  Her warm, friendly, and professional support to the SMC families and gestational carriers is apart of her passion to give the gift of life. Click here for full bio!

Dr. Jacqueline Walters


“Dr. Jackie,” as she is affectionately known, brings over 20 years of experience being an award winning OB GYN Physician,, Dr. Jackie has first- hand personal experience with caring for gestational carriers and matching intended parents to their surrogate. As the Medical Provider since October of 2019 , Dr Walters reviews all surrogate medical records for clearance and consults with intended parents on their needs for our surrogacy program.  Her warm, friendly, and professional support to the SMC families and gestational carriers is apart of her mission to impact the lives of millions.  Click here for full bio!

Dr. Obehi Asemota


Obehi Asemota MD is the medical director and founder of Hope Fertility; a fertility clinic based in Atlanta GA, USA. She specializes in all aspects of reproductive medicine, including fertility preservation (egg and embryo freezing), in vitro fertilization/intracytoplasmic sperm injection, LGBTQ+ reproduction, ovulation induction, third party reproduction, and recurrent pregnancy loss. Her practice is focused on working with couples who are struggling with infertility, to assist them in building a healthy family by empowering and educating them on all available fertility treatment options. Click here for full bio!

Kimberly Gibson


Kimberly Gibson also known as Kim brings over 11 years of experience in OB GYN, reproductive medicine, and gestational surrogacy care to the Surrogacy Miracles & Consulting team. Kimberly has first-hand personal experience with Gestational Carrier support.  As a case manager with SMC since October of 2019, Kimberly provides her warm, friendly, and professional support to intended parents and surrogates during their journey from matching to delivery.

Kimberly currently holds an Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting from Keiser University. Her experiences in the surrogacy process  include case management for surrogate mothers, egg donation process, gestational carrier qualifications. She has also assisted during in-office fertility procedures. 

Kimberly resides in Atlanta GA with her two children. She enjoys traveling, cooking seafood and exploring the history of her culture. 

Dr. A'Cire

Intake Coordinator

Dr. A’Cire Newby received her Doctorate Degree and Master’s Degree from Fresh Anointing Christian Bible Institute. She Majors in Christian Counseling Communication. She is also a Certified Life Coach that specializes in trauma-informed coaching. Dr. A’Cire also holds an Associate Degree in Surgical Technology. Her medical background extends over 20 years. She has worked in mental health, home health care, OB, and the main OR.

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