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At Surrogacy Miracles & Consulting in Atlanta, Georgia, we strive to provide all the support and services that our clients need throughout the surrogacy process. We want the surrogate and intended parent/s to feel comfortable and safe as they prepare for the arrival of their bundle of joy. Please see our Services below.

Start to Finish Surrogacy Process Management

We provide start to finish support and management in your surrogacy process to eliminate the complexity throughout your journey. Not only do we match intended parents to gestational carrier but we follow you throughout the entire pregnancy and assist with processes needed to ensure a stress free, successful experience. Starting with gestational carrier interviews and clearance to be apart of our program. Intended parent consultations, and referrals to all areas of their surrogacy needs. You will be matched with potential gestational carriers based on your needs and desires. Our goal to make this a positive experience by ensuring that no detail is left out of your journey. Step by step details and a process map of your surrogacy journey will be provided and reviewed during your consultation.

We Support

We Support You as well as Egg Donors. We also support any Intended Parent family type. We believe that anyone that has the heart to be a parent and to love a child should realize their dream of building a family. We work with Gestational Carriers from all surrogacy friendly states and Intended Parents from all over the world.

L&D Doula Services

If you are limited on L&D Support Surrogacy Miracles & Consulting has Certified Doula to support you on your birth plan and delivery. Remember babies come when they want so we may not always be able to plan this service. Doula services are dependent on area and availability.

Doctor Visit Assistance

If your support team or Intended Parents are not available Surrogacy Miracles & Consulting will attend important doctors appointments with Gestational Carrier.

Cost of Surrogacy

Surrogacy on average can cost anywhere from 90K-130K depending on a number of factors. We can review every detail of what you will need for your specific surrogacy journey during your intake and consultation process. Gestational Carriers are earning $40k-$80K which is included in the overall cost for their time and commitment to helping grow families. To learn more about the Gestational Carrier compensation please sign up today!

Case Management

Surrogacy Miracles & Consulting provides case management services, such as coordinating services of physicians, mental health professionals, fertility clinics, laboratories and other necessary facilities, legal professionals, insurance professionals, and other persons or organizations involved in the process of surrogacy and human egg donation for intended parents and surrogates. We provide such services in order to provide counseling and candidate screening services for potential gestational carriers, surrogates and people creating a family through assisted reproductive technology. See our full list of service below!

Our Full List Of Service Include:

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