Surrogacy Miracles Family Foundation

A 501c3 NonProfit Organization specializing in assisting families by offering grants for funding their surrogacy journey. Inspired by the many miracles seen everyday by Surrogacy Miracles & Consulting, as well as Co-Owner Shadina Blunt's personal experience as a surrogate.

What We Do

The dream of creating a family through surrogacy involves the need for financial, medical, and legal support that Surrogacy Miracles Foundation provides. We created Surrogacy Miracles Family Foundation to not only help intended parents pay for their surrogacy journey, but to also provide a strong foundation of support to navigate through the process.

Becoming a surrogate is a rewarding experience, but as medical professionals we know it can also be an intimidating journey without expert support. The vision was birthed by the founder Shadina Blunt whose goal is to assist Intended Parents and Surrogates in navigating the overwhelming complexities of the family building process. The ultimate source of inspiration comes from witnessing everyday miracles.

  • Egg Donor Grants
  • GC Transfer Grant
  • Egg Retrieval Grant
  • Surrogacy Agency Grant
  • $30,000 Funding the Future
    Family Grant
  1. 6.1 Million women in the
    U.S. deal with infertility.
  2. The average cost is $100-$150k.
  3. The estimated number
    of babies born through
    surrogacy from 1999-2013 is 18,400 

Upcoming Events

Intended Parent Egg Retrieval Grant

Surrogacy Miracles Family Fundation IVF Treatment Grant Opens 1/15/2023

Minorities & Surrogacy Conference

2nd Annual Surrogacy Miracles Family Foundation Fundraising. We will be focusing more on Minorites & Surrogacy. Advance tickets required.

Date and time


City Of Light 3125 Presidential Parkway Atlanta, GA 30340 United States

Past Events

Intended Parent Egg Retrieval Grant

Intended Parent Egg Retrieval Completed at Hope Fertility.
Does not include cost of medications, Embryo creation, Egg Storage,Gestational Carrier Embryo Transfer,  and any PGT Testing recommended. 
Applications must be received by Surrogacy Miracles Family Foundation by the deadline date of 12/1/2022. No late submissions accepted.

Beautiful Beginnings Brunch!

Made up of surrogacy experts, businesswomen and men, socialites, and celebrity guests, Potential Intended Parents and Potential Gestational Carriers, our goal is to introduce Surrogacy Miracles Foundation, our life-changing plans, and the programs we will provide for the 2022 year. The event was held 6/26/2022 and more info can be found below!