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How To Ship Breastmilk When You Are A Surrogate

When a match is made between intended parents and a gestational carrier, one of the things that comes up both in the surrogacy process and in your agreement is whether the surrogate will provide her breast milk after the child is born.
To be clear: whether you want to pump is entirely up to you and isn’t mandatory. This is just one of the many aspects considered when Surrogacy Miracles Consulting will ask you.

Donor Conceived Children: Egg Donation in Gestational Surrogacy

Individuals seeking to grow their families but who have had trouble conceiving often turn to gestational surrogacy to overcome their family-building challenges. Gestational surrogacy is a great solution for prospective parents because it is flexible and offers a myriad of options to make it work for them. In addition, some families take a direction to make gestational surrogacy work for them by working with an egg donor.

Why You Might Make An Ideal Surrogate

It takes a special woman to be a surrogate. It provides a unique opportunity for a woman who wants to help an individual or couple build their family.

Suppose you’re interested in becoming a gestational carrier. In that case, there are, of course, requirements you’ll need to meet. They include age, body mass index (BMI), living situation, and overall health requirements.

However, beyond the technical requirements, there are also qualities in general that would make you an ideal surrogate. Below, we explore those qualities, and we encourage you to ask yourself if you possess them!

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