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How Much Does Working With a Surrogate Cost?

One of the first and most common questions regarding working with a surrogate is how much the surrogacy process cost. While it may seem like a simple question on the surface, it’s actually one of the most challenging questions to answer!

It can range based on the kind of pregnancy the surrogate has (singleton or multiples), the agency you work with, what state the surrogacy is in, travel costs, medical issues, etc.

Becoming A Surrogate Mother - What to Consider and How to Start the Process

Whether you want to take on the tremendous responsibility of being a surrogate mother is a big question to ask yourself. While it can be a gratifying experience, it can also be an enormous physical and emotional undertaking. You’re a thoughtful and generous person even to consider it and should be applauded for that. Before taking the first steps, we encourage you to read our services page on how we support gestational carriers and review some basic requirements that need to be met to see if you can take on such a role.

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$1000 to an intended parent towards infertility treatments or Medications

Once contract signed and surrogacy process starts will be provided to IVF clinic or compounding Pharmacy

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