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Trouble Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage

Some say experiencing a miscarriage is like enduring an invisible loss. You mourn what could have been, and to others, they may not be able to understand or fully empathize with the hopes you had and the loss you feel. Making things more difficult is if you are given the go-ahead to try again, but you’re having trouble getting pregnant after a miscarriage.  Below, we review when you should see a doctor, what conditions may impact your fertility, and, most importantly, options you can explore to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy.

Family Building Options for Lesbian Couples

There are more and more options for expanding your family. At Surrogacy Miracles Consulting, we support y lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people interested in becoming parents, and walking them through all of their options. In this blog, we will review how same-sex female couples, in particular, can have a baby.

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